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In early 2022, Jim Brady launched the "DAS WöLF" side project to focus on performing acoustic rock n' roll and country songs separately from his Irish & Scottish songs.  The repertoire of DAS WöLF is a mix of popular crowd-favorite acoustic rock n' roll and country songs - from classic rock, 80's, 90's, to modern country hits.  From the Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, & David Bowie to Luke Combs, Zac Brown, & Carrie Underwood, with some Bon Jovi, Weezer, Ed Sheerin, & Barenaked Ladies in-between!

This project had its roots in Saturday nights at Bull Feeney's where Jim performed every week.  "We would sing all the classic Irish songs, then at a certain point all bets were off and everything was on the table and we would sing the songs that we all knew and loved regardless of origin, and most Saturday nights the crowd singing would raise the roof on "Living on a Prayer", "500 Miles", "Country Roads", and "American Pie"but the most beautiful was a packed Bull Feeney's singing the chorus of "Hallelujah" with me. I'd step away from the microphone and they sang their hearts out."

"As I expanded the DAS WöLF repertoire into a full set, I found that these new songs were challenging me, both technically and creatively, to grow as a musician, and that has carried over into my Irish folk music as well.  Great songs are great songs and the DAS WöLF songs are all songs that I love to play.  They are songs I grew up with, and songs that have a personal connection for me, and I pick them because they resonate in the same way with the audience."

As of April 2023, all "DAS WöLF - acoustic rock n' roll & country" performances will be billed as "Jim Brady" and will include Irish songs throughout.  

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